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We are excited to start offering amazing design resources just like this within Showit itself! No need to download those PNG's, SVG's or Images when you can add a canvas to your site & copy and paste the elements across to your design! For a full tutorial on how to do this, copy and paste the link below into your browser and follow along with our short fun-filled video walk-through! 

Design goodies below!



Select an element and Copy / Paste to a canvas of your choice!



MADE IN THE LAB: Custom Gradient Backgrounds





These are SVG based backgrounds, which use Showit's Code Generator. This is considered an advanced technique, but just copy paste the rectangle to your canvas and resize to use as the background you need! No pixelation!

Thank you!

We are super excited that you have chosen Made In The Lab as a design resource! This page is made to be viewed (and used) on the desktop version of Showit 5. If you have troubles using this Showit 5 design resource, please visit our website!